Trout Pomeroy

(Recorded at SpaceMan Studio - 2003-2006) 


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Staid Too Long
Vague Vagabond


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Bill Ronstadt Bass
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Cody Dennis Drums

Testimonial from Trout Pomeroy:

I met Bill after calling him after discovering his studio business card on the bulletin board of my favorite beer store.  That an entity called Spaceman Studio even existed in Waterford gave me great hope I could connect with a like-minded soul. I sure did do that.

As a musician-composer-performer-engineer-producer himself, Bill brings great understanding, skill and passion to his role of helping others record their own songs and compositions.  He is a gifted player, singer and collaborator.  His sensitivity to the various nuances associated with establishing lofty levels of excellent chemistry in the studio was on full display in each of the 12-15 sessions we have conducted over the past couple of years, over the past couple of beers.

He let me do "Staid too Long" my own way but inspired me too with his support and enthusiasm for the song. Dan Hazlett plays lead guitar giving this cut enormous flavor.

On "Vague Vagabond" Bill truly motivated me with his embellishments and spirit.  He found obscure tracks of "car sound" to expand on the theme of standing along a roadside hitchhiking and praying to meet a car filled with naked college cheerleaders.  Dan and my son Garrett play lead guitar on this cut and my dear friend Bill Ronstadt contributes bass lines.

On "California," an epic song from the Kingston Trio, Bill again coaxed a good effort from me. We tried various keys before getting the right one for my voice.  Then Bill laid in subtle lead guitar lines and incredibly outstanding vocal harmony that to this day gives me goose bumps the size of ping-pong balls.

Thanks Bill for all of your help and friendship. You are the best!

Trout Pomeroy  -Sept. 21, 2006


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